Share Rhino models

Does anyone have any Rhino models that they would be willing to
share so I can try running one through the little mill I just

I’m trying to learn how to use Rhino and also this mill (used off of
ebay, not even sure of the brand). It’s a 4 axis and looks like it’ll
do items about 2" x 2" or something… good for wax I would imagine.

Anyway, I have no files or anything to test this with and am not
sure how to draw with rhino yet.

I know, lame, but I have to start somewhere and I’d rather buy these
items while I have the money than wish I did when I’m broke :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help.

Oh yea, anyone know of books/tutorials/etc on using Rhino for



There are some free tutorials at and there are also links
to tutorials at the Rhino website

What CAM program are you using to create your G-code?

Ken Gastineau
Gastineau Studio
Berea, Kentucky

be SURE to get their newgroup

Their website has a “wikipedia”. They also have rhino TV where
commands are demonstrated.

Off Broadway - - I think has all kinds of things for Rhino.

When you need tiny endmills, let me know and I’ll get out the
catalogs I got mine from.



where are you buying your end mills from. I am buying mine from bit
and bits.


For milling bits, try Brant at E-Wax. He is a Bits & Bits
Distributor, an excellent CAD and CAM operator, provides excellent
milled waxes from your (or his) CAD files, and also sells wax blanks
of any size for milling operations, precision cut in any size
cheaper than ANYWHERE else. Give him a call…(630) 968-6001. He
has waxes unavailable anywhere else.


where are you buying your end mills from. I am buying mine from
bit and bits. 

Ok i have bought them from Thats Performance Micro Tool.
They have them smaller than a human hair. Ok that’s overkill for
most of us but they do it.

I also ge them from Thats’ Cutting Edge Technologies.

I know the ones that come from Roland are 2-3 inches long and these
are 1.5" but they are plenty long. Actually easier to change out that
the long ones.

Have Fun - Justine