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Shape disc cutters

Hi everyone,

I am looking for disc cutters in oval and square shapes. Does
anyone know whether they make cutters in shapes other than round and,
if so, who might sell them? I’ve only been able to find round ones
(which I already own).

Thanks for any help you can give!

Carrie Otterson

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a disc cutter for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

Frei and Borel sell a swiss made combination tool called Profiform.
it’s first off, a straight sheer for sheet metal, which gives
unusually straight edged cuts with a minimum tool mark. the same
"ram" mechanism that moves the blade, also drives a sort of bending
brake arrangement below the cutter, so in addition to being a shear,
it’s also a bending brake. And that same ram, instead of the
bending fingers, can also drive optional punches. The punches and
dies are available in a number of shapes, including square and
rectangle, and I think, ovals. Note that these puppies are quite
pricey. Not at all in the same league as typical disc cutters where
for fifty bucks you get one die block and six or more cutting
punches. These things cost more than that, I think, for each
punch;/die set, plus the cost of the profiform tool itself. But it’s
there, if that’s what you need.

Also, anyone remember the classic old Roper whitney numbef five hand
punch? that punch has been widely copied with cheap chinese/Taiwan
import copies you can get for ten or fifteen bucks. But the original
company makes many styles of hand driven punches, including those for
shapes other than round. Again, you have to be willing to pay for
them. A lot more complex to make than the typical round punch, so
they cost a good deal more.



I looked for these for a long time, since I use a lot of small
squares and triangles (and circles) in my work. I don’t believe
they exist–I called all kinds of machine shops, tool and die
places, tool suppliers, etc. The issue is that the tolerances are
too precise in anything but round shapes, and it’s too easy to mess
up an edge and therefore the whole cutter, or punch. I did buy a
small Profiform Bench Shear from Frei & Borel and got the set of
punches (square and round) that’s available as an accessory. Not an
inexpensive investment–but a terrific one. I use the straight
shear constantly and use the punches as needed. Lining them up is
tricky and time-consuming–but less so than cutting out the little
squares with a saw or trying to cut them perfectly square.

If you’d like some more feel free to contact me


Roper Whitney does sell dies for cutting triangles, hexagons,
squares etc. The web page for their hand punch tools is I’ve had one for 30 years
that cuts circles and it is still going strong.

Jima Abbott

You don=92t mention what size die you need. For larger shapes (>1/2")
you might consider having arch punches or clicker dies made. These
are normally used to cut softer materials like leather and felt, but
with the right edge and tempering they can be used to cut lighter
gauge metals

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a disc cutter for your jewelry projects? We recommend: