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Shakudo solder

Morning all, I was wondering if anyone has had to solder shakudo and
what they used? Shakudo (for those that have not heard of it) is a
copper alloy using 2-5% gold. The colour of the ingot is not
dissimilar from copper but the pattina can range from blue to purple
to black. It’s very pretty :slight_smile: The word ‘shakudo’ literally means red
copper. Eileen

I decided that I’d go for a contrast when I started making things
with shakudos (actually 10% and 12% gold, rem copper). Used gold
solder. It’s nice, especially if your joins are close and the solder
makes a neat line when the piece is a bluey black (torched) colour.

e y e g l a s s e s j e w e l l e r y