Shakudo & Shibuichi

Hi everyone. I am a retired jeweler and now only occasionally make items for myself and my children. Recently while going through my supplies, I found a 2"x3" piece of 24g Shakudo/Sterling & Shibuichi/Sterling Bi-Metals, along with a 1 oz bottle of Baldwin’s Patina and the Data Sheets on their abilities and uses. I don’t think I will ever use these, and their combined cost today is $200 (I called Reactive Metals). Is anyone interested in purchasing these items? I will consider all reasonable offers. Thank you for your time.


Thanks for posting this! I hope that someone reaches out to take advantage of your offer.

Phil Baldwin and Shining Wave Metals was unique in our industry. I don’t think there is another company out there like it. I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Shining Wave Metals now that Phil is gone? Reactive Metals might know?

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Reactive Metals will continue to honor Phil’s amazing legacy by continuing to offer mokume products. We’ve been working closely with LMT (Chris Ploof & James Binnion) and Phil’s wife, Layne to work out all the details to allow us to keep creating his patterns, billets and alloys. We look forward to carrying on the tradition.


That is such fantastic news! Thanks for sharing it with us!


I am interested. But I don’t know how to make contact?

Hi Joy, I am interested in the bi-metals and patina, etc. Let me know how to get in touch. Best,

You can send a forum member an individual message by clicking on their forum name, then clicking on “message.”

You can also order directly through Reactive Metals, if you don’t hear back.

Hope that helps!


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