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Shakudo and Shibuichi

Hi, Just joined the subscribers list and have a technical
question that I would like to post.Help me find the way? The
question is Have ordered from Reactive Metals and really like
unusual metals,however, have a small sheet of shakudo and Iwould
like some advice on soldering and patinas? Also, anyone use
shibuichi (not sure of the spelling) also from Reactive Metals?
Thank you, Lisa Pilchard

I too just purchased some shakudo and shibuichi from Reactive
Metals and according to the info they provide you can solder just
like silver except you have to watch out for firescale and use
only medium or easy solder. I going to coat the copper side with
Borax to prevent firescale. They recommend Multi Etch to clean up
the piece before applying patina, and I got a bottle of Baldwin’s
patina from them and I will be trying it out this weekend. Your
suppose to be able to get anywhere from brown to black/purple
with this patina.

Dear Lisa, We have used both the Shakudo and the two Shibuichi
products from Reactive Metals. (25% and 15% as memory serves.) We
also purchased their patinas (Baldwin’s and Antique as I recall)
and used them according to their recommendations and were pleased
with the results. We have put 23K gold on the surface of the
shakudo (a la Charles Brain’s book on that subject) and then put
the patina on the shakudo and we loved the results. We have
reticulated the shibuichi and were pleased with those results
too. We use our ordinary solders without difficulties. Have you
read about or seen the video on Steve Midget’s (sp.) work with
mokume? He does great things with shakudo and gold. We cannot
wait to try this combination. Doc and Liz McKay