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SF Area appraisor?


Hi Folks, I just returned from a family reunion where I met yet more
cousins I never before knew existed. One such, now living in
Berkeley, CA, wants to sell a “heavy gold necklace”, acquired through
inheritance. Can anyone recommend a licensed appraisor in the bay
area and/or anyone who handles the sale of estate pieces? This isn’t
my area, professionally - or geographically, for that matter. I’d
like to be able to steer him to a reputable professional.

And - btw - I urge anyone in or near the San Diego area to go to the
"Silver and Silk" exhibition at the Mingei International Folk Art
Museum in Balboa Park. It’s an extensive presentation of the textile,
embroidery, and silver work of Guixhou Province of China, in the
nearly inaccessible mountains of the Southwest region, home of the
’minority’ Miao and Dong tribes among others (closes 5/25).

Plus - on the 2nd floor, an exhibition of Maestros de la Plata:
William Spratling andthe Mexican Silver Rennaisance (closes 5/31)
Both are jaw-droppers, and they’ll be gone in a matter of days.

Margery Epstein


Gem Data 760 Market St. #931 His name is John Ramos - real quality
work 415 981-4367 fax 415 362-1754 He has reshuffled his rooms, so if
the numbers are outdated, try 411 - he’s definately still there, though.