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SF ACE show help wanted


I am posting this for a friend of mine.

Shellie Brooks, a jeweler from Massachusetts working in precious
metal clay, is looking for people to help her in her booth at the
San Francisco ACE show August 11 - 15. If there is anybody out
there from the San Francisco Bay Area who would like to get a
taste of what’s involved in being a wholesale/resale exhibitor at
the ACE shows, here’s your chance. You could do it for a few
hours or a few days. Shellie’s phone number is 617-492-6558 or
write Shellie at P.O.Box 391408, Cambridge, MA 02139.


Clarification on this show, please. Is this the ACC show at
Fort Mason to which you are referring? If so, isn’t the ACC show
from 8/6-8/8? If it isn’t the ACC show, where is the ACE show
being held? Thanks for the info.

Shael Barger