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Sex Question


Now that I have your attention.

This is a question that came to mind while reading some of the silly
threads lately.

Recently I was thinking about sex. Well, not sex, but gender. And I
realized that over my career I can think of 15 jewelers both male
and female who conceived their children while in the jewelry
industry working at the bench. The total count on the children
number at 33. If that number is broken down by gender we have 27
females and only six males. which makes about 82% of the offspring
female. That is well above the national average.

Now I understand that 15 jewelers and 33 children is not a very
scientific study but that is exactly why I am asking this question.
I am curious to find out if this is indeed an anomaly or if there
may be something to working at the bench that upsets the natural
balance of things.

My Question, how many jewelers do you know that conceived while
working in the industry and of these children what is the male to
female ratio?

John Sholl
Littleton, Colorado