Sewing machine bench

Was: Seeding Orchid

Will you power the flex shaft with that foot-operated thing?

Regrettably no. I pulled it out of a dumpster and it did not have
the bottom part and legs. But being made out of solid chestnut I had
to say SCORE! I saw an old foot operated dentist drill at an antique
mall but they wanted several hundred for it so that part is out. I
filled in the top with part ofan old table top from a lab, fixed a
small hole in the side where it was thrown in the dumpster, enclosed
the inside so I could add a shelf for tools. Fixed the locks on the
drawers, made a new key, made a bottom out of plywood that kinda
follows the outline of the top. Just have to add legs and stain it.

Gerald Livings

Hello Gerald,

Any chance of a photo? I love that you’re saving a piece of
yesteryear and making it useful. Good on you!!

Judy in Kansas, who sees beautiful fall colors in the trees and shrubs.
So vibrant.