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Setting & working with marble stone


Forgive me if this topic is already up here…I can’t seem to find it.
I would like to incorporate some small pieces of marble stone into some jewelry, with the aim of setting it into a bezel or prong.
Has anyone worked with marble? It is such a soft material that my fear is that it would crumble and be hard to work into the desired shape & size. Is there a product that could also be used to preserve the surface (laquer, resin etc)?
I am wondering whether it would be best to submerge the stone in water in order to shape, sand, file.

Grateful for any insights, tips and thoughts!

Marble’s in the 3-4 hardness range (like serpentine), so it’s soft enough
to need to be protected from scratches and impact.
You can get a pretty good polish on it, but a sealer is highly recommended.

Ron Charlotte
Gainesville, FL or

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Contact Donna Veverka She has been using marble in jewelry and knows how to cut it.