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Setting Videos

Unexpected production complications have delayed the release of my
Setting and Platinum videos. For this I apologize to anyone who has
been inconvenienced by the delay. I must, however, assure you that I
think they� are worth the wait. I could have had them prepared for
earlier release but have changed some of the segments as new technology
has become available

that lets me show processes and techniques with unprecedented detail

clarity. I’m using 3D animation’s and computer graphics of a quality
not yet seen in this type of instructional material. I look forward to
the feedback from the Orchid community. Regards, Blaine Lewis

Want to see an awesome site for bench guys and gals and learn how to
set like a world class expert? Go to Blaines site and click on videos
and take a tour. It’s a virtual tour. Awesome and his tapes are

David Geller