Setting up a Studio

I am thinking of setting up a metals studio in my home or in a local
artists’ studio space. What are the main health/safety
considerations when setting up a studio? Is special insurance
necessary when working with torches, etc.? I have never had my own
studio space and, while I have always been safe in the University
jewelry lab, I do not know all the issues to consider.

Any advice would be helpful.


Hi everyone, I have a near complete Jewelry Studio sitting In my
mothers garage looking for a new home. Any Recommendations on how to
go about this?


Peter Slone,

I saw your post regarding your mother’s jewelry studio today. I have
been looking for some time now to acquire any used tools, ideally an
entire studio, to continue my exploration of jewelry design. I began
silversmithing over a year ago, but have not had the means to
purchase all new tools, as I desire. I have a small collection of
necessities, but would love to make a small investment in quality
used tools and equipment.

Thanks for your post…maybe I can help you get it out of the
garage and into a new home, where they will all be most treasured!

contact off list if I can help!

Peter if you can itemize the items, we can post your asking price for
our students here at the California Institute of Jewelry Training.
Include shipping price. you can email me directly if you wish
@Gabriel Where are you located? Is this an urgent