[Setting tips] Pliers, with serrated jaws

Supposing you are setting some diamonds with some heavy to work with
claws and nothing moves. I�’ve even had this problem. You attempt
many instances to move the claw, and what happens, the “jaws” slide
off the claws. The language you use could make the sky bluer…:>)
You again try it of course more funny words come out of your mouth.
Here is the answer to your nightmares. Have you ever thought of
using a separating disk or carborundum wheel and make little grooves
at the very tip of those jaws? They should appear like this
<lllll===, one of those slipping claws can just find its own ‘space’
inside of the groove. You will now find that the heaviest or widest
claw will and cannot move as its been held secure by the new and
revised pliers jaws.

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter
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