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[Setting tips] Bee's wax, for diamond layout on 'eternity' bands


I had a telephone friend call me direct from his shop pleading for
me to give him advice, just on this topic. “Gerry, how do a lay out
diamonds on a wedding band in the design of an eternity ring?”

My only reply was; apply a thin layer of bees wax and lay down the
diamonds ‘table down almost side by side’ but watch for two main
precautions. The spacing must allow for beads to be raised and the
thicker the wax, the larger assumed ring size could be. When you are
finished placing some of the stones on the band, lightly remove each
stone and scribe its center onto the gold. When this is finished;
melt off the wax and mark the gold with a much more defined
indentation to be made for easier drilling.

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter
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