Setting stones into the enamel

Everything I have read (including past posts here) talks about using
IT solder. I can find no source for it. Does anyone know where it can
be purchased?

Also, regarding setting stones into the enamel, when I searched the
archives I found on how to solder the tube setting to the
enamel backing. It occurs to me to wonder why the enamel itself
wouldn’t be suitable to hold the tube setting in place. If it is
strong enough to hold the cloisonne wires, why not the bezel/tube

J. S. Ellington

The wires are low relief or even with the fused glass surface
height. A tube or other device for holding the stone would have to
be high enough to hold the bottom section of stone. Thus there would
be more surface area that pressure could be put on the tube and
stress cracking the glass. Destroying the piece. The wires and fused
glass form one solid mass.

been there, done that and broke it!


Previous posts on this subject identify Hauser & Miller or
Enamelworks in seattle, alloy is 80% fine silver, 16% copper, 4% zinc
if you wish to alloy it yourself.

While other “orchidists” may have had different experiences or can
suggest other techniques, my experience with fixing a bezel or tube
setting in the enamel in the absence of soldering is the subsequent
enamel cracking or complete separation of the finding from the piece
when actually setting the stone.

Don Iorns