Setting stones in cement

Hi Lisa, I saw a jeweler in Lapiday Journal that is setting stones
in cement, sounds awful but looks wonderful, there is another one
that has a website, but I can’t remember what it is. I will spend
some time and look it up. I believe he was in Canada or Europe. Susan

I have been setting stones in concrete since the early 70’s. Check
out 'Ornament" magazine winter 1984 issue and the website www.makers Sue Dorman

Sue, I went to the makersgallery site to look at your work. It took a
bit of searching to find it, so I’m sending this note to direct others
who are interested to the exact location: You have just
singlehandedly renewed my interest in white diamonds! (I didn’t
think such a thing was possible. :slight_smile: ) The 14k pendant with
diamonds set in black concrete -totally- works for me. If I could
think of superlatives which didn’t sound like flattery I’d use them.
Instead, let me just suggest with all my fervor that everyone go take
a look at the above URL. Very cool.

Andrew Goss’ project with Portland cement and a gold leaf leaf is
also too cool for words. I have a packet of Manetti 23K Patent Leaf
sitting in my art bin; and now I have this strong urge to go buy some
Portland cement tomorrow morning! I just hope the weather
stays warm for a few more days.

Sue, how did you colour the concrete for your piece? Carbon? Have
you tried this with any other stones?

With fascination,

Get concrete dye from building supply store. Only problem is it comes
in big containers, enough for a lifetime of jewelry. Geo.

Hey, IJS Sounds like opportunity knocking at the door how about
getting some colors and breaking it down into small quantities so all
of us can get the colors from you? Susan

I used ‘lampblack’ in the black cement which can be gotten through
art supply stores. Also grout color works and you can get it in a
wide variety of colors and in relatively small quainites. It must be
sealed when you are through. Thompson’s concrete waterseal works
really well. Sue Dorman

I’ve never set stones in cement, so I don’t know if this will work,
but I just had some tile put around a bathtub, and I was given a
sample set of all the grout colors the grout company makes. Some
really neat colors, both brights, lights and darks, and neutrals. The
grout comes both “sanded” and “creamy”, depending on the texture you
want. My wheels are turning about the use of grout as a setting medium
for jewelry, so maybe it would work for stones. Any tile company sells
this stuff. Just thought I’d throw this out as a possibility.

Rene Roberts