Setting Stone in a Sterling Silver Disc

I was wondering if anyone could send me in the right direction for
setting a small stone in a flat sterling silver disc? Something like
this -

but on a flat disc.

Thank you for your time,
Karalee Serra

Hi Karalee,

the stones on the ring seem to be set with a flush setting, though
in my opinion they’ve been set a bit deep. Flush settings are
pleasant to make, once you’ve mastered the tricky bit - here’s what
Ganoksin has on the subject:

The thing with setting stones, particularly using the flush setting,
is that the metal needs to be thick enough to allow the stone to be
set in it. A basic brilliant-cut stone is /usually/ as tall as it is
wide, and in order to keep the culet of the stone from poking through
the metal, it needs to be thicker than the stone is tall. Is it, by
the way, a brilliant-cut stone or a cabochon you plan on setting?

I fashion my burnishers out of burned or broken drill bits, and
polish them to a sheen for a better glide on the jewellery I’m
working on.