Setting stone in a pearl

And now for a suggestion from the peanut gallery…

Set the stone in a pronged stud earring setting. Drill a hole
through the pearl at approximately the diameter of the ear post.
Flare the hole on both ends: to the diameter of the stone on
one end, and to about 3x the diameter of the post at the other.
At the stone end, carve little grooves for the setting prongs to
fit into, so that the prongs look like they come up out of the
pearl itself. Slip the post/setting/stone into place, and then
bend to other end of the post. Finally, put a drop of solder
onto the bent end of the post (at the back side of the pearl).

Personally, I couldn’t accomplish this in a million years, but
it would look cool, no? The stone would sit flush against the
pearl, and the prongs would sort of “grow” right out of the
pearl. Put the pearl into a bezel setting so you can’t see the
back, and it will be a nice conversation piece – “How’d you do


What a hot idea !!! It’s really a neat , clean design. My
compliments. Sol K.