Setting prices?.;(

I asked a few setters here in Toronto how much do they charge for bead-Setting? When I was working in a jewellery factory in the 1970’s, I was being paid $1.50 a diamond.

This afternoon, I was told that the setting prices have gone up to only $2.50 a diamond. This price does not reflect the inflation rate & increase of burs and equipment over the 49 years since!

I was asked (while promoting my setting skills to new clients) could I reduce my price? I asked how much lower should I go? They said “Can I go to $2.00 a stone”. I just shook hands and walked away!

I hear in certain “off-shore countries” that setting Baguettes is being set at .11 (cents) a stone.

My logo is “Price, Quality, Speed… pick two!”
This is the reality of 2019, not 1970’s.;(

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