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Setting Loomed Beadwork?

Hi All,
I’m planning to create some traditional Indigenous (I’m Abenaki Canadian) jewelry using loomed beads set in Silver (set similar to the piece in the picture). I’m not totally confident a bezel alone would actually hold the beads from falling out over time. Has anyone set these types of beads in jewelry and can offer any advice?
Thanks for your time.

Jamie Cloud Eakin’s books on beaded bezels might be helpful.


  • Lorraine

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Thanks Lorraine. I will give that a look.
Have a nice day.

If the beads are ‘strung’ on silver or other wire in their configuration a bezel setting could work. It would seem that larger than an inch in diameter might require a center thin ‘post’ to be bent / burnished over the wire that holds the beads in order, so it can’t lift. Just a thought.

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Great ideas. I will give that a try. I’ll draw some really fine silver wire and see how that holds. I think that will work. Thank you.

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