Setting Instruction

Oh boy, here I am seeking further education at an advanced age.
I’ve never had formal instruction in stone setting - which has
never stopped me - but now my employer has been heaping setting
jobs of various wild natures upon me and I can no longer cope
adequately. I am in need of some good direction for classes in
advanced setting technique; especially in areas that specifically
cover (or can be adapted to cover) setting fancy shapes in
tortorous ways like burnishing. Any leads are appreciated, BTW,
I am located in the USA, in SE Pennsylvania.

Thanks All!

Hi BTW your delimina is familiar. Most of the things I picked
up over the years has been the hard way. All my employers just
expected me to know how to do it. The craft of jewelry is reallly
many crafts.

I would recomment, if you can’t find help locally, there is a
set of tapes and books by John Wooden, the books are good, a
little repetitive, but very good. the tapes are excellent. I
talked to him several times, because I was lost for a while
setting baguettes. I am now retired,o happy days Don ----

I teach stone setting workshops at Interlaken School of Art in
Stockbridge, MA in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains. Their
address is P.O. Box 1400, 13 Willard Hill Road, Stockbridge, MA
01262. Phone is 413-298-5252. Write or call for their catalog of
course listings. My E-mail is The
Berkshires are worth the trip in the summer!

Laurie Donovan

I found this forum because I was searching for a stone setting
class last year. Blaine Lewis answered. A friend of mine and I
took his five day class last summer. We both have only glowing
extravagant praise for the instructor and the quality of
instruction. It was an incredibly intense session and covered:
flush setting; bezel improvement tips; prong sets for rounds,
pears, marquis; gypsy, pave and bead setting; engraver use ;
tool making ;sharpening and some things I’ve probably forgotten
to mention. Blaine is one of the most competent, patient and
supportive instructors I have ever encountered. I’m not a gusher
but can’t praise him and his class enough. The classes are small
and most students are stone setters seeking to improve skills or
address specific problems. Contact Blaine at
He is excellent!