Setting for large lab ruby

I am a hobbyist and new to this list. I recently acquired a large
emerald cut lab ruby . I would like to make a 10 or 14K pendant
setting for it but this is beyond my present abilities. Can anyone
tell me where I can obtain a basic setting, finished or unfinished? The
stone is .587" wide at one end and .584" wide at the other end. It is
.780" long and .329" deep. If no one can help with this perhaps
someone could direct me to a source of for making such a
setting. Thanking you in advance,
Bill from Cae Cod.

My dear Bill there are a lot of companies that sell findings like
stuller riogrande selected findings and so many more I do not have the
phone #'s with me now but you can call at this #(213)6238672 so I can
assist more .Dikran N.


This works out to about 15 mm x 20 mm, or just shy of that, so it
will fit into a 16x20 setting, if you can find something this big.
If I were you I would check with the jewelers and Yellow Pages in
your area for a custom caster who might have a wax for a pendant this
size. Failing this, maybe an Orchidian has such and will cast a
mounting for you. I assume you are going to set the stone yourself,
but, if not, a custom caster might also finish the setting and set it
for you.

Best I can do here is a #7120 from the Lexwax catalog (800) 272 -
9299/FAX (913) 268 - 8415, which is a 16x20 on a ring. Maybe he
could, or you could, or your caster could cut the basket off this
ring wax and put a rabbit ears bale on it for a pendant mounting. If
you are going to do much of this kind of hard-to-find mounting stuff,
you need to learn to work in wax a little or find someone who can.
That’s my take on it . . . what do the real experts say??


Stullers has 15x20 pendant settings. A jewellery store could order
one for you. Ask to take a look at the catalogue - The Mounting Book -
Vol. 22 Karen