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Setting different height stones

First, thanks to everyone who responded to my last question about adhesive removal, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m sure I won’t have any trouble.

My new question is about setting stones of different heights in a pair of earrings. As in the pair are not the same height so the earrings will be slightly different in thickness. Would it be better if I tried to shim the shorter stone with a ring of wire inside the bezel or should I use a heavier gauge metal for the back plate to give the illusion that the stones are the same height. I will be cutting out the back of the bezel so if I shim it with wire is going to be a space between the stone and the back plate. Or maybe, now that I’m typing this out I’ve answered my own question… should I try to shim the shorter stone by sweat soldering in a very thin gauge sheet inside the bezel onto the backplate so when I cut it out the backplate is thicker inside than the bezel? Hmmm… I think I’ll try that unless anyone else has a better suggestion? Or, does it even matter if the earrings are slightly different in thickness when customers are buying handmade jewelry? I think I’ve properly attached a picture so show the difference in the stones so you can see what I’m working with.

TIA for all your thoughts!

Now that I see the picture I feel I should mention the stones are only 3.28 mm thick on the left and 3.84 mm on the right. Looking at them enlarged on the screen the difference looks huge to me but when looking at the actual stones it doesn’t seem so bad.

My first solution would be to grind and polish the taller stone down to the same height as the shorter stone. Lacking that solution, and depending on the design of the earrings, I would shim. Regardless of shimming or one earring having a thicker back, when you cut out the back you will see the same difference in how recessed the two stones are from the back. In the end, I would worry more that the amount of stone exposed above the finished top of the bezel was the same for both earrings…Rob