Setting Clear Cab Stones with 24K Gold Foil in Argentium

I have set clear Gems, Citrine and Pink Termaline, in Argentium with 24 k Gold Foil as a base under the Cab Gem. They are turning black, looking like mold thru the stone. Is there a chemical reaction taking place? The Bracelet has never been wet, we live in a dry climate and it’s never been worn??? Got any good guesses?

How long did it take before this began to happen? Where did you get the foil? Did you roll or hammer it yourself?

No, didn’t roll or hammer my Gold Foil. I think it had a chemical reaction to the Argentium? Best guess I can come up with. It’s continuing to turn moldy looking under the stones. I thought the gold would make the stones sparkle underneath. Well, so much for my thinking…

Check my reply to your PM.