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Setting cabochon stones on a cuff bracelet

I’m going to be setting three cabochon stones on a sterling cuff bracelet. My question is how to set the stones into the bezel after the bezel is formed and soldered onto the cuff? I’ve seen many discussions on this issue. Putting square wire inside the bezel, putting sawdust inside the bezel, then set the stone. I’m using copper (as a practice piece) with three stones before I embark on setting my turquoise stones on a 22 g silver cuff.

Thank you in advance for your advice.

We probably need more information and a picture would help us fine tune our comments. Good idea practicing in copper, however annealed copper behaves differently than silver. Turguoise is very soft and you need to think about how you will clean up the bezel after you move the metal or you may damage the stone. Do as much finishing as you can before you set the stones and, as discussed recently, get some softer pumice flexshaft wheels and zam. You should avoid putting a non-silver bushing under the stone. That being said, it is done all the time. If the portion of the cuff that is under the bezels is curved, then you need to figure a way for the stones to lie on a flat surface that won’t move or distort as you move the bezel over the stones. You can also consider cutting a curved surface into the back of the stone, but this isn’t likely the best option especially for a soft stone. Post pictures. Good luck…Rob

If the cabochon is opaque, sawdust or cardboard maybe used inside the bezel.

I am presently working on a cuff bracelet with one large, opaque cabochon; I’ll probably use sawdust in the bezel to raise the stone because the bezel was fitted to the curve of the cuff. Sawdust is better at filling non-flat settings.