Setting a Stone Within a Stone

Are there any resources on how to tube set a faceted stone within a
cabochon, so it is a stone within a stone? Jamie Joseph does this technique
a lot.

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Jeff Fulkerson wrote an instructional article in Lapidary Journal March 2017. Also Jim Dunakin’s project in December 2013 Lapidary Journal.

Not sure if his style is what you’re looking for, but Michael Boyd has a “Stone on Stone Setting” video through Interweave.

His pieces are beautiful.

Any stone being set has to be placed in a piece of metal. I suppose that (not shown originally), it should or could be in a “mini-tube” setting. The tube for a small diamond can be shaped just for the project at hand. Once the stone has been set, it can be then carefully contoured to the shape of ‘table-facet’. The result is a ‘smooth to the touch’ finish!
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Gerry! from my Toronto iPhone!

Diamond click fitted and held in place with Hxtal

Tubes are 18ct gold.

Final destination