Setter's sticky wax - Tip!

I’d run out of setters wax - the sticky stuff - so I went and got
myself a snack while I thought about it. A cup of tea and a “Baby
Bell” cheese…

…wait a moment. This wax on the outside is kind of sticky.

This works really well, costs nothing and starts the day off in a
tasteful way!

Tony Konrath

Great Tip Tony.

I found a 60 inch roll of bright green “Vogue Stickum” (never
hardens). Apparently, I bought it many years ago with something in
mind and paid $1.79 for it at a craft store or garden center. It was
in my work room closet which went through a major cleaning. I tossed
the Stickum in the thrift store pile. However, a day later I
retrieved it. For some reason it was calling to me so I set it aside.

Making room for a new rolling mill I want to purchase, I reorganized
and cleaned the rest of my work room. Later in the week I was
working on a piece and reached for my sticky wax to lift a stone. It
was gone. Hmm…, I may have gone a little too gong-ho with the
cleaning bit. It was late, I did not want to go out to the room above
the garage and rummage through several containers looking for the
5lbs of beeswax I have stored for making hand cream. That role of
"Vogue Stickum" popped into my mind. I grabbed it, pulled off a
length and now have some nice green sticky stuff to lift my stones.
This role will probably last me the rest of my life. LOL.

I think I like your find better Tony as it comes with a treat.

Take care, Joanne

There is a putty, used by watchmakers to soak excess of oil after
oiling, I do not remember it’s name. After been knitted with your
fingers, it is very malleable and form good seat for It
hardens somewhat if not used and that creates permanent impression
of a gemstone. It leaves no trace, but if it would be knocked over,
the gemstones could be flying.

Leonid Surpin

Yup. Works nicely. It’s a bit soft when first kneaded into a chunk
after taking it from the cheese. But over time, it dries up a bit
more, ending up almost as firm as the red “boxing” wax that I
otherwise use. The smell never quiet goes away. And a diet tip. You
can get a reduced fat version of the baby bells (white cellophane
outer wrapper instead of red). Tastes the same, fewer calories and
less fat.


Hi Guys

My first post so go easy if I’m just repeating what someone else has
already said. I make a wax dop for lifting stones by melting alittle
bees wax and charcoal dust together. Never seems to dry out and is
the perfect consistancy everytime I pick it up.


I haven’t used setters wax in years, not since I discovered play-do.
I love the stuff. Its soft and ply able or you can let it harden to
hold stones more securely. It is non toxic and comes in bright colors
not found in nature. devolves easy in ultrasonic or with steamer and
leaves no residue on stones… only way to go for me.