Set a stone inside a wedding band

I have a client project to set stones inside a square men’s wedding band. Should I purchase half dome wire, set the stones and then form the band or how do I set the stone after the band is cast?
Thank you

Hi Ronda. So how many stones are you going to set? And what kind of stones? I hope diamonds. My student made a band for her honey and we bezel set them and then soldered them in place. By setting the diamonds first and then making a place for them inside the band, it worked just fine

I to, am working on this for my honey. Can you provide pictures? She wants two stones set in an infinity symbol…

I found a band that my client thinks is close to the wedding band he lost. If I can set the diamond inside the band I will do this but I am not sure how to create a seat inside a band. I was thinking of using a round burr to start the opening but don’t know how to create the exact size of the diamond and then to hammer the sides.

Or I can create a wax band and very easily create the opening for the diamond to be set and cast the ring.

Opinion are welcomed!


Chris Anderson, Here is a picture of the bezel set diamond on the inside of the white gold band. We pre-set the diamond, made a hole, not all the way through and soldered it in place. Hope this helps. Janine, in burned out Redding CA.

Here’s a wide band I made maybe 20 years ago. 14k palladium white with 4 diamonds set upside down from the inside.