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Servicing a Filli Cavallin rolling mill


I have this mill…Filli Cavallin brand

I stumbled across this article while searching for a 130mm flat rolling mill (used, if I get lucky!)…thought i would share…

it kinda pierced the veil…pulled back the curtain…looked under the hood! of a rolling mill…for me…this is the kinda stuff i would watch my dad do out in the garage when i was a child!

…i dont know if i am brave enough to go it alone…but at least i will have directions!!



Don’t be afraid! I have serviced two Cavallin mills following Hans Meevis’s tutorial and everything went well. Take pictures as you disassemble and reassemble backwards. If you don’t have a lathe or access to one, if the rollers are rusty or pitted, you can cut a piece of steel rod the width of the roller and cut a piece of sandpaper and wrap around the rod, extend/roll the sandpaper into the mill and start cranking. It will take forever, but it does work. I recommend the good German cloth backed emory paper and going down to about 1000 grit (I started at 200). I did the first one on a lathe and the second with the rod/sandpaper and think the second one worked better. Here’s a before and after of the second one.

This one was in a flood and the gear box still had water in it after 18 months. However, it was packed with axle grease and none of the gears had rusted. It took about a week (I had to wait for the liquid wrench to work to loosen things up) to rehab, but believe it or not I got this one for $25 so spending this much time on it was definitely worth it. Since I had already fixed one, I knew I could probably fix this one too.


Hi Debbie!

wow, that came out great! gorgeous!!

I did not realize that was one if has meevis’ tutorials…Hans is amazing…such an intricate mind!…and generous with his knowledge!