[Service] Casting Companies?

I am looking for a good casting company for my silver and gold
pieces. They must be hard to find, as this will be my third search.
The first company made the silver so porous it looked like swiss
cheese. The last company I used changed their finishing process to a
more aggressive type and wore away so much detail on my last batch I
had to send them back to be recast. They also recently incorporated a
new higher minimum order that makes it very difficult for me to have
small orders cast.

Does anyone know of a good reliable small order jewelry caster in the
USA? I’d prefer the eastern half due to shipping costs, but at this
point I’ll consider anywhere in America.

If you’d like, you can email off Ganoksin to me:


Have you yet dealt with Daniel Grandi at Racecar Jewelry? He is the
caster of choice of many Orchid members. Satisfaction of his work is
a frequent topic here on line.


Try Larry Paul Casting in Pittsburg. Excellent work. Very
accomodating. Ed in Kokomo- A very satisfied customer of Larry Paul

Hi Christen,

I, as well as many Orchid members, use Daniel Grandi at Racecar
Jewelry in Cranston, RI. I have always been completely satisfied.

Betty Belmonte


Try Hoover & Strong.com They even have approximate calaulation on
their website. which I find very useful. They also do silver casting
as well. They have lots of goodies for us bench jewelers. I also use
them for refining. I always get back the amount of pure that I think
I will. Ask them for their catalogs and they just started selling
loose diamonds.

Good luck! Amy

Does anyone know of a good reliable small order jewelry caster in
the USA? I'd prefer the eastern half due to shipping costs, but at
this point I'll consider anywhere in America. 

You can’t go wrong with fellow Orchidian Daniel Grandi at


Joel Schwalb

Au Enterprises
3916 West 11 mile Rd
Berkley, MI 48072

Speak with Linus, they typically cast next day and offer great
customer service. Very eager to please.

They also have a full CAD/CAM department for custom work.


I highly recommend AU enterprises in Berkley Michigan Ask for Linus
tell him of your past problems. They protect your molds, are prices
fairly, and do great work Their number is 248-544-9700


I’ve been using Larry Paul Casting in Philadelphia for many years,
and I’ve been very happy with the results.

Janet Kofoed

I would highly recommend Metalshop Casting in Rochester, NY
1-585-454-3330 http://www.mscasting.com The company was sold last
year, but the new owner, Chris, has worked out a lot of the problems
and now has things going very nicely.

Sephen Walker

try us

castmart corp
151w 46th street 5th floor
new york, ny 10036
tel. 212 869 2520

ask for heinz