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Separating metals

Hi everyone,

Today I was looking at various dust collector systems to hook up
to or behind or whatever, my polishing motor, so I can finally
get the dust and grime out of my face, and to reclaim some of my

Someone pointed out that I would really need one separate system
for each metal I use. Now I mostly polish bronze and silver,
perhaps 65% sterling, 34% bronze, and 1% gold. Most of the gold
polishing I do with my foredom. I use the same polisher to take
care of the bronze and silver. I had assumed that if I saved the
dust for the refiner, he could separate the bronze from the
silver. Is that not true? If not, do I need to have two dust
collectors? I couldn’t afford that right now. Also, which are
the best collectors? the ones with the 8-14 cloth filter bags,
or the paper (?) fiber filters in a puffy sort of pillow? What
about the models that have a plastic bottle/funnel gadget caller
an “accumulator”? (sounds like a good movie title) What is the
minimum horsepower and filter surface area for a one person shop?
Most of the little units are 1/2 horsepower, but vary in
filtering abilty.

I won’t use a vacuum set up on my bench, but I’ll build a little
plastic cage described in an earlier post. Please advise, before
I either waste my money or lose my nerve to buy such expensive
stuff. Thank you. Ruth