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Separating gold from teeth

Howdy All,

I was given some gold crowns, teeth still in place. Is there a
chemical or other method that will separate the gold and teeth
without having to grind them out?


I put them into a few plastic bags and hammer the heck out of them.
Most of the teeth and enamel will break off. Then just hit them with
a torch and make a few small buttons. The hotter the flame the less
smoke you will get from burning what’s left. It’s a dirty job but
somebody’s got to do it…


You bet! Dump it all in a tall glass of Coca-Cola. It takes a while,
but it’ll make the dentin disappear. We did this as a class project
in sixth grade and I have NEVER had any kind of pop since that day.


Acid, will work as will burning the dentine out (kiln or torch, does
stink though!).

Acid though will just dissolve the calcium phosphate, which should
get rid of most of the material (glues/ceramics are a different
story). Hydrochloric acid should do nicely, dilute it down to 1:10
with distilled water, I’m assuming you can get the 32% purity stuff
where you are. (Safety note always add the acid TO the water.)

Cheers, Thomas.
Janstrom Designs.

Two methods we have used are: 1) crush crown work with a hammer on a
steel block (rather ghoulish), or 2) heat crowns with a torch till
red hot and quench in water, so the non gold materials shatter (works
with old enamel work also).

a hammer and bench block works better than trying to dissolve the
bone (it is possible). the tooth will shatter and the gold lump will
fall out. easily done.

The best method that I know: use a large heavy hammer and pound
away. The tooth will crumble and you will be left with the gold and
perhaps some cement. Heat with a torch with good ventillation and
there you go!

Charles Friedman DDS
Ventura by the Sea

Simply put a mask on and crank up the torch and put the casting flame
to it and, Wa-La a pool of gold that will be very brittle, and you
will have residue and ash, so plan on either adding plenty of pure
gold or (My Suggestion) send it for refining. The dental alloys are
nothing like the jewellery’s alloys.


I tell the client “EWE” and send THEM home with instructions to do
it themselves with a hammer and THEN bring the gold back sans teeth
and THEN I use a hot torch…