Sending samples to potential buyers

my question has to do with sending samples to potential buyers. if
the sample in question is a pair of earrings, for instance, does one
send the pair or just one? and…does one charge for samples? thank
you for your input.

kerry pitt

provided the samples are made of casting metals (tigold for example)
then send the pair,along with an order form,a portfolio of available
items,and a separate price list, with any options ( ie -metals,
stones etc.), return and repair policy, any legal documents
(non-compete/no copy),contracts spelling out your terms-BE
SPECIFIC,if they are professionals they will be used to standard
practises,a request for a copy of the gallery,or store’s insurance
and the responsible parties for ensuring the safety of
your jewelry,and whom your contact person will be,along with the
owner’s name(s), and an about you page or other self-promoting

I have always used a presentation folio with pockets for customizing
the cover, clamps for insertions,a slide sheet or contact print of
representative work, a business card slot ( though I’ve recently
begun adding a full sized calendar magnet with all that info and
some images of workpieces… for handy reordering),and a page with the
new company’s account number that you are issuing…I have found that
to be the single most valuable tool to gaining business that would
otherwise be “prospective”…it lets them know you are trusting them
to display and care for your work properly.That you are affording
them a net 30 status and that you desire a business relationship
with the organization or firm…also the way yo present the sample is
important…it is the first impression they will have of your work, but
packaging and marketing accumen as make it stand out, and if
you need it back state an inspection period and enclose a pre-paid
mailer that is addressed to your studio.

R.E.R. (write if you need clarification or sources)

Charge what you would consider wholesale for the samples. I had
someone want samples of my cameos who talked big and said all kinds
of things bottom line I got my price she disapeared.

Don;t fall for the send me a free sample thing unless you are a huge
manufacturer this cannot be good to do.

Silver & Cameo Heritage Jewelry

My experience with sending out samples has not been extremely
effective. I sent out a little over fifty samples of my DeepDetail
carving wax but I made sure I called or emailed to ask how potential
buyers liked the product. As long as you are willing to keep calling
and encouraging folks to use your item or product it might ‘pan out’.
Thanks to those of you on the Orchid list who did return the results
and are now using my wax.


For me when I have sent samples I have always asked for a 25%
deposit that will be fully returned if the merchandise is not
accepted. It has worked wonderfully and has never been rejected.