Sending a kit to Australia

I have received a request for a kit to make a bracelet from someone
in Australia (I am in the US). I have never had to deal with customs
forms and the like, so would be happy to have advice. The package
will contain printed text and photographs, and “metal wire”
(silver), if I can send that. Also a small piece of brass and a
little block of wood(!)

I have to figure this out before I can tell her what it will cost,
and will ask the USPS, but sometimes better asnswers are to be had
from unofficial sources!



I have received a request for a kit to make a bracelet from
someone in Australia (I am in the US). 

You can send it marked as “craft supplies” or “hobby supplies”.
Global Priority starts at $19.95 now, but international airmail is
less expensive.


Send it USPS Global Priority Mail. Depending on weight it could cost
as little as $9.00. Use as little packing material as possible. If
you can, tape your items to the inside of the box. Do a trial
weighing at the post office before you mail.

Fill out the customs form at the post office, it’s no big deal. You
might label it “craft kit.”


I only have limited experience shipping overseas, but on my last
shipment it was suggested that I list the item as a gift to eliminate
customs problems. Not sure on the legal end, but I only do this
rarely and it didn’t seem worth a lot of effort to ship an agate
under $25. to England. Hoping the feds.don’t read this!

Christopher Arnett

Noel you cannot send any wood objects to Australia.



We are blessed with a 2004 Free Trade agreement between USA and
Australia, for incoming USA-made goods, so Customs Duty is rarely a
big issue this end. Low value goods commonly don’t attract attention
for GST (Goods & Services Tax at 10%) so most small packages, even
commercial ones, float quietly through to the recipient. USPS have a
declaration form you fill out, which is the only documentary

The postal system is pretty smooth. Just pack the goods so wild
kangaroos can’t trample the contents.


Hi Noel, the wood might possibly be a problem. Wooden articles have
to be inspected by a quarantine officer, and the brochure states "
these items must be declared" ( underlined ! ). If the item has to
be treated by Quarantine, they will charge you a fee. Having said all
that, as long as the wood is sound and has no signs of disease or
insects, you probably won’t have a problem, so go for it, cheers,

Christine in Sth Australia
ps -

sterilize the wood with steam from your steam kettle then seal it in
the food saver vacuum bag or zip loc and place a label on stating
sterilized wood…no fee no worries lol

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