[Seminar] Diamond Setting

Dear all on Orchid!

This setter is going to be giving 4 seminars at the “Bench"
conference, April 27-30. I will be giving away notes on setting for
all who come to hear me. If you see me in the hallway, or bump in to
me, more free notes for you too :>). But just say, “I’m from Orchid,
where are my setting notes?” :>) My topics are Cabochon Setting as
well as Claw Setting with RBC in Engagement rings. This is not the
simple basic claw setting stuff we all know. I’m gonna give some
"extra tips on tool modifications” as I go alongWe are going to have
a great time!!!

Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!

In addition to Gerry Lewy the seminar leaders also includes others
from Orchid including Blaine Lewis, Jurgen Maerz, Arthur Skuratowicz,
Steve Satow, and others from the industry.

The Lunch program on Friday features Christel Trimborn, Editor in
Chief GZ Art + Design, the leading European Jewelry Design
publication. You will not want to miss her presentation on jewelry
design and new jewelry trends.

The Supplier’s Expo on Saturday & Sunday features New Exhibitors and
Larger Displays by many companies plus many companies will be
presenting live demonstrations in their booths.

Perhaps the most valuable component of the Conference & Expo is
getting the chance to spend time with people just like you who love
to make jewelry. Orchid has a booth on the show floor which is a
great place to stop by and meet other from Orchid, and you will want
to stay at the Conference hotel, the Holiday Inn has a large lobby
with a two story waterfall at one end and a sports bar at the other.
It is a great place to relax and talk with other jewelers as the
day’s activities wind down.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Brad Simon
Bench Media
Join us at the Bench Jewelers Conference & Expo
April 28 - 30, 2006

I hope everyone is returning to this year’s Bench Jeweler’s
Conference on April 27-30 in Denver. I really think that the nights
of networking are worth as much as the conference. If you have not
heard about it, check it out at BWSimon.com/Conference. I eagerly
await meeting you in Denver.