Seminar Date Change

Due to scheduling conflicts, I had to change the dates of my “Run
Your Shop Without It Running You” seminar on shop management, and
“Trade Secrets” seminar on bench tips, tricks and techniques in
Oakland CA. Originally these seminars were scheduled for March 23rd
and 24th. They will now be offered one week later on March 30th and
31st. Other cities will be held as announced including: Atlanta GA -
March 9th & 10th Denver CO - April 6th & 7th Washington DC - May 4th &
5th Seattle WA in August Chicago IL in September.

At the Run Your Shop Without It Running You seminar you will learn:

How to get total control over the day-to-day operations of your
shop. How to increase productivity without sacrificing Quality. How
to set prices that your customers are willing to pay and will
maximize profits in the shop. How to schedule work in the shop to
increase productivity and guarantee the work will be ready when the
customer expects it. Take-In procedures that will guarantee your
bench jeweler will do the work YOU WANT DONE. 

At the Trade Secrets seminar you will learn:

How to make repairs easier Tricks to working on Platinum New products
to speed up your work Fabrication Tips Simple tool alterations Tricks
to Setting Color Stones Bead and Bright Cutting made Simple Cutting
Azures Plus Much More 

This is an interactive seminar. Bring your questions to ask Brad,
along with your tips to share. One seminar participant said, “I’ve
worked on the bench for 40 years, and wondered if I’d learn anything
today. The very first tip you shared was new to me. I cannot
believe all that I learned today.”

The seminar fee is only $175 per day or $295 for both days.
Discounts available for multiple registrants. For more information
log onto or call B W Simon at 864 - 921 - 0827.

Brad Simon