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Semi-Precious/Stone "Marbles"

I am looking for a source for beads without any drilled holes (I
guess you’d call them marbles), made of semi-precious or stone
(or even “interesting” glass), like agate, lapis, obsidian, etc.
I need them in 5 mm, 10 mm, 15 mm and/or 20 mm.

Thanks for all your help.

Deb Lally

Hi Deb, This is the first time I have ventured to speak out on
Ganoksin, but I think I can save you considerable difficulty. I
also use “marbles” in my work from time to time. They are
usually referred to as ‘gem balls’. It took a long time and some
connections for me to finally find sources for them, so I am
happy to save you from that. In NYC, a company called Emaco has
them. Emaco’s address is: 48 West 48th St., NYC 10036
(212)382-0123,0124 or FAX (212)354-4552. I don’t think they have
a catalog, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask! In Florida, contact Hong
Kong Lap, 2801 University Dr., Coral Springs, Florida 33065
(305)755-8777, FAX (305)755-8780. Hong Kong Lap has a crude
catalog, more like listings, and more stock and variety than
Emaco. Good luck! I hope I helped.