Selling very large beryl

A very large beryl has come my way. It weights 2.5 lbs and a
greenish/blue color. Now my question to anyone interested is What do
I do with it. I’d like to sell it, but where this piece is huge.
Please let me know of any ideas it is really needed. Thank you

Depending on how clean it is you might offer it to Irving Mazze. Irv
is one of the few stone engravers this side of the Atlantic. For him
a stone that size is a canvas.

Irving Mazze
7 W. 45 St.
(212) 921-8124



If I had a piece that large I would keep it as a specimen piece.
Maybe a museum would be interested in it. Colorado’s gem stone is
the Aquamarine which is Beryl. Check with the country or local area
museums from the area which the piece came from.

I have my eye on a piece that is still in the matrix rock that is
about 4 inches in diameter, but I will have a lot of work to get it

Good luck with your piece,

Ken Moore

One of the large mineral specimens outside of the Boston Museum of
Science is a beryl crystal, it probably weighs more than a ton.
Massive beryl isn’t rare, the gem quality is a very small fraction of
the material.