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Selling unused semi precious stones


My wife has quit making jewelry and has a large amount of
semi-precious stones, beads, etc. Does anyone have a good
recommendation on the best venue(s) to sell these items? Ebay seems
to be flooded with listings and everything seems to get lost. I was
thinking a table at a show might be best. Any recommendations for a
show to do this at in Dallas?


Hi All, I have a gemstone collection that I need to sell. I
collected these when I was working in gold and I find I have no use
for them. In fact, they are sitting in my safe collecting dust. The
collection ranges from 2mm round pink tourmalines to fancy cut iolite
etc…you get the picture! I would be interested in advice on 1) how
to find the true current value of them (the collection) and 2) how to
sell the majority off safely and fairly. Any and all comments and
advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lise

Have you tried asking beading groups and local schools with jewelry
programs that you have beads/cabs for sale? Any local jewelry group,
craft organizations, or friends? Usually when I get rid of my excess
beads and stones, I sell them off to my friends in the beading and
craft field. Also sell the stones to my jewelry students.

Hope that helps.

Jeff, I’d suggest Etsy. They have a category for art making
materials, and they are small enough so that your wife’s beads won’t
’get lost’.