Selling tiny diamonds


I’m usually a lurker, but I know that someone in this group can

I have tiny diamonds that were given to me from a friend to try and
get info for selling…

If someone can help with how to go about this I would be happy…

I thought I could sell them on Ebay?
Is that a dumb idea?
How do I insure they are real?

3 tiny bags…

black 5cts.
black 2.05cts
natural (brown, beige, topaz colors) 3.03cts

they are so tiny, and seem not to be all the same size if that makes

again any help would be greatly appreciated…


Dear Rosanne, the first thing I would do is go to Rio Grande’s site
and see what stones of that size go for, and from there you will
have a fair market value. Once that is established, then decide how
much you want for them, then approach the ebay market. From what I
gather there is no real value in one or two stones, but you do have
grouping that could be more valuable. I set stones, and love it, but
boy the tiny ones…I just do not have the patience it takes
because there is no room for error. Best of luck, blessings pat