Selling Smith Little Torch


Today it came to mind that I have a Smith Little Torch and it’s been around for a year, bought it last December from HS Walsh in London. Never used it and never removed it from the box. It features a British thread size 3/8". Comes along with a Smith magnetic stand.

Checked the price on Walsh’s website (can’t remember what I paid) and it costs £210 + £52 (the stand).

The price I ask is £200 for both. I will post it from Romania, Europe. If anyone is interested ping me.

Pics below.

Even if it’s NEVER been used, the hose inside the woven covering dries out and cracks. I replace mine every couple of years, just as a preventive measure. Rubber seals can also dry out with age.

Buy with caution,

I agree with you. But at the same time I mentioned that it only has one year. I would not use it myself if it had a few years, let alone sell it. That is a reason for selling it, maybe someone else can put it to work.

Not to discount reasonable caution, but my Smith Little Torch is over 10 years old, original hose, no leaks.

I just read somewhere, “Make common sense common again.” Pay attention to your equipment, replace when necessary. Simple.

Neil A

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