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Selling Repairs

Selling repairs

Really can’t be compared, no more than you can compare lasik eye surgery. yes Lasik can be gotten for $995

But if you went to the hospital where it was first got started and THAT doctor has done over 5000 procedures and charges 42500 , meanwhile the ophthalmologist down the street at $995 and has done 2000.

Are the same? can you compare? Assuming both are good at their jobs (neither make big mistakes) you can take a chance on the local guy being as good at the STAR. But would you?

The store down the street doesn’t have YOUR JEWELER. Both stores carry the same 6 prong tiffany head from Stuller. Equal/equal for material.

But two different jewelers will be removing the old head, installing a new one, setting the diamond your husband gave you and refinishing the ring…and how about guaranteeing the work.


  1. How long have you been a jeweler?

  2. How long have you worked here?

  3. What is the most expensive thing you’ve ever worked on?

(I’ll use me, David Geller

  1. Since age of 10 (thats over 50 years)
  2. 25 years (store I owned)
  3. $100,000.00 )

People love to know how things are made and done and jewelry repair is THE PLACE to explain it because we are just not selling a 2 dwt 6 prong head.

So when a person says “Gee, you’re more money that they guy down the street or from what google says”

this is starting today going to be your response (fill in your jeweler info)

"I know you probably think installing your diamond into a new head is a pretty straight forward thing and it is one of the first things a jeweler learns to do.

But you don’t want a poor job done. When our jewelers works on your ring he will carefully remove the old head and whn installing the new head do it in a way you can’t tell it was replaced.

He’ll then pre-polish all of the nook and crannies inside teh head so once set the diamond will reflect perfectly.

The actual setting of your diamond will be done under magnification to be sure all of the prong touches the diamond for security as well as to not snag on your clothing.

Then our jeweler will round out the ring and check the side diamonds for tightness. if loose we’ll tighten at no charge and if during the next year they get loose we’ll fix that or if holly/molly a side stone falls out we’ll replace it at no charge.

In addition we will refinish the ring so it shines like the top of the Chrysler building, just like the day you got it.

but LASTLY we can’t hire 75% of the jeweler looking for a job here, they just can’t cut it.

In fact david our jeweler has been doing jewelry work since he was 10, has worked hre for over 25 years and typically works on items at $100,000 and up.

This is the jeweler who will be working on your ring and you DO what this kind of expertise, right?"

Did I make anything up? Fib? No, i just told the customer what we do.

Don’t let it bother you if 2 people out of 10 walk, thats an 80% closing ratio. you can’t sell everyone. Be more concerned about the 70% of people who walk and don’t buy stuff in the case.

Read out loud what I gave as an example. It wouldn’t take 30 seconds to say it and your closing ratio will improve.

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