[Selling out] 100 pounds of stained glass

I have just been given about 100 pounds of stained glass in pieces
and bits, bits and pieces. Some if it is in sheets that are about 12
x 24, thru 24 x 24 and 12 x 12 inches. A lot of it is just smaller
bits, irregular shapes and rectangles. Colors and textures range from
marbled whites and tan’s to dark blue and reds. If there is anyone out
there in Texas that has any interest in this stuff please contact me
via e-mail. I would ask that you come and get it as shipping this
probably isn’t too good an idea. It is too good to throw in the
dumpster and I would like to trade it for some other stained glass art
work or some such.

Mike Fritz
Lone Star Technical Service
The ultrasonic repair guy

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If you haven’t found a taker for yourglass I would be happy to pay
the shipping on some of it. I am particulary interested in unusual
colors/patterns or texture. The size is not important. Smaller pieces
are fine. I don’t need much. Maybe an array of colorful pieces.
Shoebox sized. If it is possible, please reply to this e-mail or
contact via e-mail at your convenience.

Thank You,
Annie Neil-@Annie_Neil
Seattle, WA