Selling on the street

Hi, This is a question for Orchidites who have or do sell on the
street in NYC. I was there this weekend and would love to do this,
occasionally. I specifically think this would be the perfect way to
sell a non-jewelry adult novelty item that I make and sell online. I
wonder about jewelry sales, though, too, so any and all advice or
anecdotes from your experience are welcome.

I have questions, of course:

What permit(s) do I need?
Do you know what office(s) I need to contact for this/these?
Can one set up anywhere?
Do sellers have "turf"?

Christine, in frigid Littleton, Massachusetts

Well I sell on the streets here in NYC through the Street fairs. So
I can only speak from that point. There are a variety of street fair
companies that run these fairs throughout the summer. One is “Mardi
Gras” their website is

There are others as well such as Mort and Ray but I am only familiar
with Mardi Gras. Sales at these fairs is unpredictable, as with any
outdoor event the weather plays a big role. also the spot you get at
the fair makes a big difference. If you are at the middle of the
fair you can make good sales, but if you are near the fringes then it
will be a bad day. We did this all last summer and some days we had
spectacular sales. Other days dismal.

Regarding what you need. You need to visit the department of
consumer affairs. Before this you need to have a Tax ID. If you
contact one of the promotion companies they will tell you what you
need to do.

Hope that helps Javier

Yes, thanks, Javier.

I got several replies off list and all were very helpful. I’ve done
enough fairs to know that they are a lot of work and there are many
variables out of my control, the big one being weather. I’m still
willing to try them, though.

One person said that consumer affairs are not giving any more
permits for street vendors, except that they may be giving them to
veterans (which I am). Now that I know who to call, I’ll make some
calls next week and hopefully get the facts.

What do you think of the GreenFlea Market? I assume it’s not running
right now? I’ve sent email to them with questions but haven’t
received a reply.

Christine in wintry Littleton, Massachusetts