Selling on the street in NYC

Hello All: I have been noticing in NYC lately that a lot more artists
and designers are selling on the street again in high end retail
areas. I have been trying to research the idea of selling my lower
priced stuff on the street because I see some really high end stuff
out there now. The thing is I have been told you do not need anything
but a business license to sell on the street to you need an outdoor
vending license to jewelry can or can not be sold legally on the
street. Does anyone know what the real skinny is? I have even
researched this on line and have gotten conflicting anwsers.

Thanks in advance!

dd: I heard on a local newscast the other day that the legislature
failed to vote on continuing to require licenses for street vendors
and street artists, so for the time being they were free to set up
shop wherever they choose. Try looking at back issues of the NYC
papers between July 6 and July 14 for details. Maybe a fellow
Orchidian who knows more about it can enlighten you further. Dee

Hi Dede, I am a new jeweler from Indonesia. Here, we cannot sell
jewelry in just every where bec of safety reason or we would be back
home with our clothes only. Therefor I am so interested in the street
selling. Do they use very strict safety equipment? or this situation
is normal there? Thanks n best regards, Iva

The thing is I have been told you do not need anything but a
business license to sell on the street to you need an outdoor
vending license to jewelry can or cannot be sold legally on the

Hello, The last time I had heard there was a big stink in Soho over
selling of art on the street and vending license’s. The outcome as
far as I know it is that you can sell: art, printed material “books”
and artist made jewelry, you being the artist without a need of a
vending license.

Hope it helps, please correct me if I am wrong

I am too nervous to sell on the street because what I do is not
"art" by the NYPD and they might confiscate my stuff.  Do you sell
on the street? 

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Sorry about reiderating this basic letter from last year, but it’s
more detailed now

De, you absolutely can sell jewelry on the street in manhattan if
you get the “certificate of authority”, which is the tax i.d.# and
card that allows ny to look for sales tax from you. You must have
one!! There are two types, one if you sell at venues, craft shows,
and one for street selling, guerrilla style. No you don’t go to 42
broadway, licensing center, they are the ones who tell you that you
can only sell art, and unfortunately they mean 2d art. I went there
and showed them my handcarved, handmade in every way, jewelry, which
is wood so there can be no mistake, and they told me that it was not
art. It would have to be sold framed, or glued to a picture, in a 2d
format to be art!!! absurd!!!(they never mentioned the term 2d,
they said “on paper” and “framed”)!!! Then i went to brooklyn,
NYState tax dept.,55 hampton street and got both tax certificates.
Now, when the police drive right up to me on the street, and they are
the NYC street vendor police,uptown, downtown, they see my stuff,
ask to see the certificate and are gone, but they will give you a
summons if you don’t have it on you and in full view. And if you sell
down on on the weekend, that’s all you need when the
police blast through. This stuff is art and you damn well should
believe it, the cops will show respect!!! The regular police don’t
check that stuff, they only maintain regular police work. NYS
Division of Taxation,55 Hampton Street, get there between 8:45-3:00
718 722 2030, no need to lie about anything, 2d-3d. They will tell
you which category to fill in on the form, ASK, very friendly
people, you must file quarterly st100s, on phone, mail, even if you
make 0$.dp