Selling on Amazon handmade?

Could anyone comment about selling on Amazon handmade? Thanks!

I couldn’t find anything in the archives. (Did find an excellent discussion about etsy.)

I have sold on both and think Amazon is much better, the work is juried not cluttered

If you have looked at the small print it will be silver plated.

It is hit or miss but I have sold out of everything I had on the site. I went on vacation to California and forgot to put the shop on hold/vacation mode and had to refund several sales. This was a bummer as they were great sales. Now that I have gotten use to the platform I am now aware of the ins and outs. Start small, with similar products and slight variables and different keywords or tags to see which get more hits. Then tweak your listings towards those that sell the most. This will allow you to then upload more inventory that will have the highest sales. Hope this helps @ArtrageousLife