Selling old gold jewelry and bench scrap


Does anyone have a good recommendation for a place who buys old gold
(scrap and/or old broken jewelry) and bench sweepings? I’m looking
for no minimum amount and low or no assay fees (Hoover & Strong’s
fees are kind of high for me). Also, if you can send them stuff and
not be in the business, that would be handy too (as a place to
recommend to customers who want to sell old gold for cash to buy
new–I don’t cast old broken jewelry). I was looking at Roseco but I
haven’t contacted them yet.

Thanks in advance,

No affiliation… Rio Grande. Great customer service too.

Hoover and Strong will melt your old gold into a button and do some
kind of quick test on it. They will not charge you for the full
assay if it isn’t enough to be worth it.

You might want to call and ask them.



Again, google Precious Metals West. Then talk with Daniel. They are
great to work with on such matters.

Cheers, Don.

Hi Cheyenne,

This has been addressed many times, and is in the archives.

I use Hi-Tech in Dallas TX, They have no minimum,
charge 2% of the total amount of recovered gold with no other fees,
and send a check the same day they receive your scrap (sweeps take
about a week). Send it in by overnight delivery on Monday (they will
even schedule a pick-up for you) and get a check (or metal) by return
overnight delivery on Wednesday. They also include a printout of your
assay that includes many different metals, so you can see exactly
what was in your scrap. If you are in the Dallas area, you can take
it to them (they are in the building Roseco used to be in on Gamma
Road, just north of 635) they can do it while you wait, takes about
fifteen minutes usually.

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Dave Phelps

Try . I’ve used them a few times and they’re fast
and friendly. No minimum either.