Selling my Kate Wolf belt sander for flex shaft

Hi everyone. I am selling my very lightly used Kate Wolf belt sander, with the original belts. I have 80, 120, 180, 240, 320. (The 320 and 80 are used.) The design is now owned by another company, but it’s the exact same tool as this.

It works great, no problems at all. It’s just not the right tool for me and I literally never use it, so I realized I need to get it out of my very limited bench storage!

Asking $90 (originally $175 in 2017 from Rio). I’m in NYC and will ship anywhere, or meet you locally.

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Interested, if still available.

Sent a DM.

Want Kate wolf belt sander

Pam purchased it in January. Sorry, I don’t think we can delete posts here!