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Selling jewelry

Hi. I am just starting out in a bead and silver jewelry
designing/manufacturing business. This is a home based family
operated business. Does anyone have on selling jewelry
to independent retail businesses? This is a small business and we
would really like to see it grow!

a good book to read as a start-up is Wendy Rosen’s Crafting a
Business or somesuch title…The Rosen Agency produces several
fine wholesale craft shows and Wendy is an incredible marketer and
knowledgable leader in the business… her book outlines all the
business basics for artisans.

you can contact her at for email - they don’t have a
site yet but their consumer craft magazine does,
They’re based in Baltimore, 410-889-3093.

good luck,
cindy Edelstein
Jeweler’s Resource, a marketing coop for jewelry designers