Selling expensive watch

Hello fellow Orchidians,

Could somebody out there please give me some good advice. A good
friend of mine won a 80,000.00 dollar diamond platinum watch and
wants to sell it. The watch is not her style and she needs the money
more then a god awful expensive watch. If anybody can help I can be
reached at Thanks in advance. Ganoksin always comes


Hi Steven. I worked for a very high end watch company in Switzerland
for a few years and know a thing or two about watches :wink: Depending on
the brand she may be able to list it on This is a
website dedicated to collectors who know their stuff and most likely
won’t blink at the price on it. Otherwise there is always the auction
route…Antiquorum is a watch auction house. They mainly specialize
in older watches but it doesn’t hurt to contact them. Think also of
Christies and Sothebys…you never know. I wish her and you luck with
your endeavor. Wish it was my $80,000 problem! :slight_smile:


Steve & Sally, I work in the high-end area and have the Arab
Community and some very nice clientele of better means if you want to
give me a shot at marketing your watch.

Stephen Wyrick, CMBJ in San Antonio, Tx